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How to make German Bratwurst

Check out the link to watch the "How to" on Bratwurst.

The single most popular sausage in the world! There is no end to the variations of the Bratwurst, there is no end to cooking methods of the Bratwurst, and there is no end to the praise the Bratwurst deserves. Bratwurst meaning brat- finely chopped meat and wurst- sausage, has rooted itself at foundation of German cuisine. The Bratwurst has been dated back to the 1300’s in Germany and is still apart of food culture to this day. The North American “Brat” has been known to be a friend of the grill, bun, and sauerkraut.

In this video I show you how to make a German style Bratwurst! I am also give you the Bratwurst Recipe!

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