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How to make YOUR OWN sausage recipe.

Check out the link for the full YouTube video.

In this video I'm going to give you all the information to get you started on making your own homemade sausage recipes. This will allow you to skip buying pre packed spice mixes that are WAY more expensive than doing it yourself (Not to mention better). This will also allow you to play with your flavors to increase or decrease that certain flavor you are looking for.

Also you can brag you made it yourself right from scratch.

We will go over in Depth! Spices, Binders, Cures and other ingredients in meat then give you a little demo!

*There is a typo at 12:37 it says both mixes are 4kg 1.8lbs*

*it should say both mixes are 4kg 8.8lbs*

I do most of my homemade sausage and store sausage recipes in g/kg grams of spice per kilogram of meat. The reason being kilograms work in tenths and makes for easy math.

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1 Comment

May 15, 2023

a friend made some Cumberland sausages from your recipe [ truely the best sausage i have ever eatin ]

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